Verdale Developer

Developed By:


CSC Land Group

CSC Land Group is one of the most experienced future developer belonging to the world’s largest investment and construction group, China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC). The Group had ranked 24th on Global Fortune 500 Enterprise and well recognized with numerous A1 builders registered with Singapore Building Construction Authority (BCA). With their real estate developing experiences in the field, many families lives had been change with the quality of home they developed, creating lasting memory and value for home buyers and property investors.

With great detail in planning, CSC Land Group has develop many homes with the sense in empathy and space awareness, allow home buyers to be able to live in a functional space and layout for their own comfort. With this in mind, future residents of Verdale can enjoy the quality of living in a well designed condominium

China Overseas Holdings Limited (Singapore)

China Overseas Holdings Limited (known in short as “China Overseas”), is a subsidiary of the ranked 23rd in the “Fortune Global 500” list, China State Construction Engineering Corporation. China State Construction was established way back to June 1979, Hong Kong. With 5 subsidiaries listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the combined market capitalisation has approximately of HK$350 billion, hence born the “China Overseas Property”, “China State Construction “and “COPL”.

The Group has expand and model their business with whole industry chain of investment, construction and operation. These strengthen their presence in the industry and achieve remarkable results. Looking into expending their presence overseas, they took on the project of Verdale with a mind of building the best lifestyle home for the future living families.

Track Records

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